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Investment sales

In the investment real estate business, it is worth having an independent partner at your side who is only committed to you and your needs!

We see ourselves as an intermediary who combines capital and perspective in order to successfully move you forward. As an owner-managed company, we think and act free from internal group policies. Through a carefully maintained, discreet network, we not only identify off-market opportunities on both sides, but also ideas that you yourself may not have had. Convince yourself of our holistic consulting and services in every phase of the real estate value chain! We discreetly broker investment properties to a large client base. Let us inform you which purchase prices are achievable!


Investment properties - experience, competence and network

Apartment buildings, investment and projects

During our longstanding experience in the market, we have built up an extensive client base of developers, high net worth individuals, institutional investors and family offices. This network is complemented by banks and financiers as well as accompanying experts in all aspects of investment property transactions, with whose support we jointly develop tailor-made solutions for our clients.

Graf Immobilien's Investment Real Estate division and its affiliated partners focus on the brokerage of residential and commercial properties (apartment buildings), commercial real estate, new construction projects (residential and commercial) as well as individual and global sales.

In addition, in the case of new construction and global sales, we also assume the task of letting for the initiator as well as the buyer.

The transaction process in the investment sector often involves hurdles and imponderables - for both the buyer and the seller. We see our task in handling this process discretely (off-market) and professionally through careful preparation and discreet mediation in a generally known and pre-examined group of interested parties. With experience, trust, seriousness and above all the necessary expertise and network.



expert for investment


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