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Do you know someone who wants to sell or rent out their property? Then tell us!



We at Graf Immobilien are always looking for new plots of land, houses, apartments or commercial properties for our portfolio. So if you know a real estate owner who has the intention to sell or rent out his property - then tell us. Your tip is worth cash money to us!

How does the tipster commission work?

Use our contact form to send us your recommendation and contact details. After receiving your tip, you will immediately receive a written confirmation of receipt of your tip. We need the complete contact details of the owner and the address of the property. Of course, you will remain anonymous to the property owner and your data will be treated by us in strict confidence.

What happens after the tip?

We contact the owner and check whether the property is not yet known to us or is already being actively marketed. If a contract for marketing is concluded with the owner, we will inform you immediately. You will always be informed by us about the further course of events in a timely manner.

How much do you get for your tip?

You always get 12.5% of our buyer's commission.

When will you receive your commission?

After the conclusion of a legally effective purchase or rental contract and after receipt of the commission on our account.

What kind of tips are we looking for?

  • Plots that are sold
  • Apartments and houses for sale
  • Apartments and houses for rent
  • Commercial space for sale and rent

Do not hesitate to call us immediately:

You have a tip? Get in touch with us!

Call us or simply send us a message using our contact form. We will contact you immediately for further details.

Do not miss your chance to get your tipster commission.




Phone: 0 89 - 66 67 68 9 - 0


"We sell your real estate at best prices!"

  • I agree to approaches concerning my request via phone and/or e-mail and the storage of my personal data according to the data privacy policy.