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About our team

At Graf Immobilien, twenty experts from diverse backgrounds of the real estate industry accompany you through the whole sales process, through renting your property and guarantee after-sales-support for you.

Board of Management




Founder and executive associate of Graf Immobilien GmbH (former e.K.), which was founded in 1997. After his studies in business economics, he was working as a leading salesman in international companies for entertainment electronics. Today, after 20 years of experience at the local real estate market, he is one of the most prestigious real estate agents in Munich. 


"Since 1997, the passion for real estate is my daily motivation."




Due to many changes of residence, Tim Wrona got insights in the world of real estate and real estate agents at a young age. During his training as a real estate agent (IHK), his passion for real estate deepend and was continually expanded by fundamental know how. After his training at Graf Immobilien GmbH, Mister Wrona did accrue further professional skills at a real estate agency in Munich and proved his expertise by developing a new company branch. At the end of 2017, Mister Wrona returned to Graf Immobilien and acts as the regional branch manager at our office in Haidhausen.

Branch Manager

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Real Estate Agent (IHK)


After his successful training as a real estate agent (IHK) at Graf Immobilien, Andreas Kucera started as a real estate agent in sales and is conducted in sales and consulting. Since 2014, he is acting as the regional branch manager at our office in Schwabing.


"The secret for success is to come to a real understanding of others opinions.” "

Henry Ford

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Real Estate Agent (IHK)


After his prosperous training as a real estate agent (IHK) at a real estate agency in Munich, Moritz Heidtmann now is your trustworthy realtor at Graf Immobilien. For Mister Heidtmann, personal and competent consulting is his top priority, as well as a transparent sales process.


“You already have not sold.”






Head of Marketing


After finishing her commercial apprenticeship in 2016, Salome Parast did a reorientation for event- and marketing management. This is where she got the chance to gather valuable experience concerning organisation and the public image of companies.

Since her occupational change to real estate, she is responsible for strategic and operational marketing for the Graf Immobilien GmbH. For each object, she originates individual strategies for marketing and communications.


""A good design displays good quality!""



Merchant in real estate


After his successful training as a merchant in real estate (IHK), Roger Schäffter was working as a real estate agent at a local real estate agency in Munich. Up to his occupational change to Graf Immobilien GbmH in 2017, he was concerned with supervising investment objects and properties predominantly. At Graf Immobilien GmbH, Roger Schäffter is mainly responsible fo the sphere of property and investment sales.

“Don't do nothing halfway, else you find yourself dropping more than can be picked up.”

Louis Armstrong





Real Estate Agent (IHK)


Kerstin Höcht successfully graduated from her training as a real estate agent (IHK) and gathered longstanding experience at administration concerning rent and common properties at a property management agency in Munich.

After a world trip she started her career as a real estate agent für sales and consulting at Graf Immobilien.




Regional Manager Tegernsee


Aesthetic living and exceptional real estate have always been of interest for the trained bank clerk. Her dream of working in the real estate business came true years ago, when she gathered a lot of experience concerning sales and renting of sophisticated real estate, working for different companies. Now she happily represents the area around Tegernsee for Graf Immobilien.


"Success has two letters: DO!"






Qualified merchant Certified evaluator of developed and undeveloped real estate (IHK)


Being a qualified merchant for real estate, Angelika Dreier has more than 20 years of expertise in development and sales for portfolio and newly build real estate. Besides working for prestigious real estate agencies, Angelika Dreier has longstanding expertise and profound knowledge at selling objects for building building contractors and high-class real estate. She stands for quality at real estate valuation and sales.


"You can only reach your goals if you know the way"


Commercial Property Agent (DFI)


After successfully finishing her training as a certified commercial property agent in 2010, Anette Pineda gathered many years of experience at an administration for common property and her own company. She is working at Sales and Leasing at Graf Immobilien since march 2018.


"You won't find your way in heaven. The way lies in the heart!"
Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama)




Real Estate Agent
Master of Science in Real Estate (MScRE)


Mister Christopher Hildebrandt graduated from his Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics with focus on accounting, finance and taxation at the Passau University. After his graduation from the masters programm in real estate management at the Real Estate Business School (IRE | BS) in Regensburg, he joined our team and is a great support for the management in many domains.






Real Estate Agent (IHK)


Sven Steiner finished his training as a real estate agent in 2014 and gathered profound experience at a real estate agency in Munich for several years. He is now working avocational through his major in real estate economics at the ADI Academy of Real Estate Industry, expected to be completed in february 2020.





Real Estate Agent (IHK)


After successfully completing his training at Graf Immobilien, Mister Borbe gathered a lot of experience and expertise at a local real estate agency in Munich. In spring 2020, he returned to Graf Immobilien GmbH and is now working at Sales and Consulting.


"Our clients are the most important visitors at ours. A client does not depend on us. We depend on them. A client does not interrupt with our work, but is the reason for what we do. A client is not only a passive bystander, but a part of our work. We do not do our clients a favour by taking care of them and their realty. He is doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to help him."




Real Estate Agent (in training)


When Mareike Günther first finished her training at a veterinarian domain in 2016, she decided to do a reorientation and ambitiously started her training as a real estate agent at Graf Immobilien.




Real Estate Agent (in training)


Jessica Läritz pursued her occupational interests and started an internship at a real estate company in Berlin. Because of her positive experience in that domain, she started her training at Graf Immobilien. Since september, Jessica is a part of our office in Haidhausen and a great support for our team.






Dual studies (B.A.)
Qualified Real Estate Agent (in training)


Authenticity, commitment and humbleness for your work are the basis of every successful cooperation, when it comes to Finn Schorlau. He is working through dual studies in real estate management and is part of our team at Graf Immobilien sind 2019.






Real Estate Agent (in training)


After finishing school and spending a year abroad in the US, Laura Riepl decided to pursue her distinct interests and started her training as a real estate agent at Graf Immobilien in september.



Backoffice Manager


Thanks to her faible for interior design, an outstanding organisational talent paired with long-time expertise at project management, Katja Lenk is a valuable support for our team at our office in Haidhausen, where she is working as our backoffice manager.