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Land acquisition and professional market & location analysis with Graf Immobilien

You have an interesting new building project in the planning stage, but do not yet know where you want to realize it or you simply lack the right plot of land? Then we are your partner.

Your expert for new building development
Michael Graf – CEO Graf Immobilien



That is why we are the perfect partner for you:

  • since 1997 successful as real estate agent in Munich and surrounding areas
  • already many implemented property development projects
  • sound and professional location and housing market analysis
  • comprehensive marketing tailored to your project
  • professional sales of your new building real estate
  • highly qualified team of brokers and sales experts
  • comprehensive network of investors, interested parties and property owners in and around Munich 



Market & location analysis

Thanks to our many years of experience as real estate agents in Munich, we know the real estate market in the city inside out. Thus, we carry out a market and location analysis for you and estimate the potential of your new building project and the most suitable location. Our analysis for you includes the following points:

  • Analysis of the micro and macro location
  • Valuation of the property situation
  • General market situation in Munich and surroundings
  • Competition analysis
  • Analysis of the interests of buyers (living space, floor plan, layout, equipment)
  • Analysis of the possible prices to be achieved

Property developer - we will find the right one for you!

We also always keep an eye on the land market. This means that we know which areas are currently available and at which locations you could realize your project. In connection with a potential analysis of the micro-location as well as a research of the price structure, we select and procure the suitable property for you.

You have already found a plot of land yourself? No problem - we will be happy to analyse it for you with a view to the possible potential.

Successful projects, accompanied by Graf Immobilien

Townhouses in Trudering

In cooperation with the property developer, we realized exclusive town houses in Trudering and did the marketing.

Apartment complex in Pasing

We accompanied the development of an apartment complex in Pasing and did the marketing for the luxurious and economical optimated apartments.

Row houses in Baldham

For the property development in Baldham, we supported the sales and marketing of high class and family-friendly row houses. Marketing and sales went quick, thanks to our comprehensive database of potential buyers.

You are planning to realize a new building project? Make an appointment!

With competence, experience and know-how, we are your expert for new building projects in Munich and surrounding area. We accompany you from marketing to handing over the keys and a successful closure of your project.

You are the expert for development, we are your expert for sales.Success is guaranteed if you put your trust in Graf Immobilien – one of the most renommated and prestigious real estate agents in Munich

Get your gratuitous and non-committally appointment with your expert for property development in Munich!



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"We sell your real estate at the best prices!"

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