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Online property valuation for Munich and Tegernsee within 3 minutes

You want to know how much your property is worth? With our online property valuation you can get an initial overview of the value of your property, depending on the type and conditions of your property.
Simply click through the form and at the end you will receive an estimated value of your property.

You can only get an exact property valuation from an estate agent!

Although a first rough estimate makes planning easier, you still need an exact value, for example for sales. After all, as a seller you have the goal of obtaining a good price when selling a house, appartment or plot of land. For a realistic market value estimate, however, a visit from an estate agent or surveyor is essential. Because in addition to the location and size of the property, other factors must also be taken into account for a realistic assessment. Only the local estate agent can do this.

Arrange a consultation appointment with us. One of our real estate valuation experts will provide you with comprehensive advice. Incidentally, the professional real estate valuation is free of charge and non-binding, independent of our brokerage activities.

Your person of contact for real estate appraisals in Munich

Michael Graf

Real Estate appraisal in Munich – Your benefits with Graf Immobilien

  • more than 20 years of experience as real estate agent in Munich and surroundings
  • free property valuation, if we are working for you as an estate agent
  • comprehensive knowledge of the Munich real estate market
  • we know who is prepared to pay the highest price - target group-specific property valuation
  • transparent presentation – we show you how we came to our conclusion
  • determination of realistic sales prices, which enable secure sales negotiations
  • also short expertises & market value expertises possible
  • determination in accordance with § 194 BauGB, oriented to the property, income and comparative value line

Just call us for an initial consultation:

Property valuation in Munich - why is that important?

As a real estate owner, at a certain point in time you come into a situation wherethe value of your property is important. Especially in the event of a sale, divorce or inheritance, it is important to know the exact value of your property.

The market value of your property is influenced by various factors and depending on the location, condition or fittings of your property, an individual value will result. Thanks todecades of experience in the field of property valuation, Graf Immobilien can quickly and reliably determine the real market price for your property in the Munich and Tegernsee area.

A market value appraisal is obligatory, for example, if you are in the middle of divorce or inheritance disputes or if the value has to be presented in a reliable manner in court. Procedure for property valuation.

Evaluation methods for real estate

The value of a property can be calculated using various methods.. Which method is used to determine the market value depends on the type of real estate and the availability of comparable objects.

Our trained experts are familiar with all valuation methods and are therefore able to decide specifically which method should be used for your property.

Net value appraisal

It is mostly used for evaluation of real estate investments. It is based on the earnings which can be expected by the property.

Intrinsic value appraisal

The intrinsic value appraisal is mostly used for single-family homes and evaluates the property’s value by its wear and other factors influencing the price.

Reference value appraisal

A reference value appraisal is mostly used for condos. Based on comparisons with at least 10 similar objects.

Real estate valuation in Munich - short appraisal or full appraisal?

However, not only are there different methods for determining fair value, but the scope may also differ. The most easily accessible, but also the most unreliable offer is the online property valuation, because it only provides a rough general value of your property without taking all the necessary factors into account. Although this helps you to estimate the approximate value of your property, it is neither reliable in the sales negotiations nor legally binding.

More helpful is a professionally prepared valuation report,which is available in two versions:

Full expert assessment

This valuation is valid for legal purposes and is especially used for conflicts concerning heritage and divorce. At a full estate evaluation, every aspect of your realty is looked after and the value is justified. For property with extraordinary features it’s usefull to do a full real estate evalution, too.

Short valuation

In this case, the appraisal is usually quite short and concise, without many specifics and justifications, but with a carefully determined property value. It forms a solid basis for the sales negotiations.

Property valuation free of charge from Graf Immobilien

Use our online property valuation to obtain an initial assessment of the value of your property and then arrange a free & non-binding consultation appointment with our real estate experts. Being real estate agents with more than 20 years of experience in Munich, we determine the value of your property competently and reliably.





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