Graf Immobilien has been working for many years with reliable cooperation partners from the most diverse areas. Anyone involved in buying, selling, financing, refinancing, property management, or house construction, etc. will sooner or later need specialists with many years of expert knowledge.

The Count greets the Duke


We are pleased to be working together with the popular Herzog Restaurant München & Bar in the heart of Munich's city centre since 1 May 2018. Amidst baroque and historical buildings, the Herzog Restaurant München & Bar has opened its doors for you. There, where once Duke Wilhelm of Bavaria built the Maxburg.

All-round carefree package


If you want to buy a property from us, you need a local contact person for financing. Someone who can give you competent advice and support on all questions relating to your financing. That's why we have the specialists from Baugeld Spezialisten as partners at our side.

Our partner for exclusive new building projects


Hübner Vermögensverwaltung GmbH is a personally managed company that has combined investment and real estate activities since its foundation in 2014. In addition to the holding of company investments, these activities will in future primarily comprise portfolio management of the company's own portfolio properties as well as classic property development activities for exclusive residential projects. Through the close cooperation in 2018, Hübner Vermögensverwaltungs GmbH and Graf Immobilien GmbH have created the basis for a successful and long-term partnership.

Deutsche Leibrente Grundbesitz AG - our partner for retirement


It is becoming increasingly attractive not to sell a property directly in old age, but to secure a lifelong right of residence and an improvement in pension through retirement. With Deutsche Leibrenten, we have the leading provider on the subject of life annuities on our side, so that we can offer you an all-round attractive and secure package.

Dr. Klein - Your partner in finance



If you are looking for building financing, a beneficial instalment loan, a custom-tailored insurance or a profitable investment, Dr. Klein is your perfect partner. Due to our extraordinary position on the market and longstanding collaboration with renowned financing and insurance companies, we are offering our clients exclusive and trustworthy connections - they key to success. Dr. Klein Privatkunden AG is one of the biggest bankroller in Bavaria.


Do you also want to become a cooperation partner? Then get in touch with us!

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