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What to do with the property at an advanced age in Munich

There is a lot of money hidden in your real estate - use it!

Every person goes through different phases of living in life. The home of one's own is often perceived as the highest goal in which one would also like to spend one's old age. But at some point you reach an age when you notice that the demands on your home are changing again, and that the home of your own that you have longed for is increasingly a burden.


We at Graf Immobilien are aware of your worries and problems and therefore provide you with comprehensive advice on your property at an advanced age. We will tell you what possibilities you have and what is in store for you. Trust in more than 20 years of experience in the Munich real estate market.

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When the property becomes a burden at an advanced age

The children have long since moved out and half of the house is empty, but still needs to be maintained, which can be quite expensive. The large garden with flower beds and fruit trees turns from a relaxed hobby into a tedious burden. The sweet, winding stairs on the upper floor of the old building become an insurmountable obstacle. As you get older, your home has to meet demands that you might not have thought of before.

So what do you do when you notice that your property no longer suits you in your old age? There are various possibilities. Which one you take depends on your personal circumstances.


A renovation appropriate for your age may be the most attractive option, if you don’t want to sell your home, but need to adjust some aspects which harden your daily life. Stair lifts, a shower on ground-level - with a bit of effort, your home can be comfortable and homely again.

If there are a lot of things in your home, that you struggle with, the costs for a renovation can end up higher than expected and may not be the best choice. Under these circumstances, there probably is a better solution to your problem. We can help you find the best way of coping with your situation and make you happy. Arrange a free consultation appointment.

Rent and Lease

Most often, a house is more than property. It’s a home with many memories and emotions. This is why many owners struggle with selling their real estate.

If you can not stay in your house anymore, due to an advanced age and don’t want to sell your home, you can still rent it out and keep it for your children and grandchildren. Another advantage of renting out your house is the extra income

Graf Immobilien is your experienced partner when it comes to rent and lease. At a free consultation appointment, we will figure out if letting is the right decision for your real estate and if so, we can find a reliable tenant. Benefit from our expertise and experience at the regional real estate market in Munich and read about our services for landlords.


Sometimes, your house simply does not fit your necessities anymore. It becomes to big, to far away from family and a renovation would be to expensive or inconvenient.

With the real estate market in Munich at a high point, selling your real estate for a high price will be no problem. With the proceeds we can find another apartment, appropriate to your needs and wishes.

If you make the decision to sell your real estate, we offer you an all-around carefree package and find a new and even better home. Find out more about our services for real estate sales!

Annuity pursuant

Another option for your real estate at an advanced age: annuity pursuant. This way, you won’t sell your real estate the usual way, but get a monthly life annuity.

Your biggest advantage: you can stay at your home. The buyer is paying a monthly annuity until you want or have to move out.

Graf Immobilien knows about the aspects of an annuity pursuant and can give you a comprehensive consultation Learn more about the annuity pursuant on this site:


Annuity pursuant

Sell real estate and still live in it?

At an advanced age, you are often faced with the challenge of having to make ends meet with limited financial resources. If high medical costs are incurred, a repair to the house is necessary or you want to support your grandchildren financially, it is almost impossible to cope.

The sale of your property could free up the necessary financial resources. However, you have lived in your own four walls all your life and are certainly reluctant to give up your familiar surroundings.


We have the solution The real estate life annuity! Sell your property, but still stay living in it.


Read all about it in our brochure on the Real Estate Annuity

How did we help others with their real estate at an advanced age

In our more than 20 years as real estate agents in Munich, we have been able to assist many owners with the sale or retirement of their property in old age. In doing so, we are always confronted with very different situations, ideas and wishes. Therefore we do not have a ready-made scheme, but we advise all our clients individually and develop a strategy tailored to their circumstances and property.

In the following you can read the story of a client whose property we were able to sell successfully with a lifelong right of abode:

Selling real estate with the lifelong right of residence

There are various ways of what to do with your real estate at an advanced age. We had a client, a lady of 68 years, who wanted to seperate from her house. Because of her background, she was not going to live for long anymore.

She did not wanted to get used to another surrounding and hired us to find the right buyer, who was willing to accept the lifelong right of residence, she had as a requirement for the sale.

In about no time we were able to find a potential buyer the lady was pleased with. We successfully sold the property, the lady is feeling better and has a friendly housing situation with the new owner.

Due to individual consultation, we were able to fulfill all of our clients wishes.

What to do after the property sale?

If you have sold or rented your property, you will need to look for a new home. We will be happy to help you find a new apartment in a good location in Munich and the surrounding area that is suited to your needs in your old age. In this way we guarantee you a smooth transition from your old property to your new home.

Let us advise you now without obligation and free of charge on your questions about your own property in old age!



Your advantages with Graf Immobilien


  • has been working as a real estate agent in Munich and the surrounding area for over 20 years
  • already numerous experiences with real estate in old age
  • comprehensive knowledge of the Munich real estate market 
  • we know who is prepared to pay the highest price - target group-specific property valuation 
  • transparent presentation - we show you how we came to our conclusion 
  • Determination of realistic sales prices, which enable secure sales negotiations
  • individual & personal advice on site - marketing tailored to you and your property
  • free property valuation, if we are working for you as an estate agent



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