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You own a real estate and would like to rent it out? From the first meeting to the analysis of the market rent to the handover and, of course, as your contact person beyond that, we take over all services for you in order to let your property in the long term and profitably. Benefit from our know-how and our excellent and personal service.

Ihre Vorteile bei der Vermietung mit Graf Immobilien


If you think about renting out your property in Munich or the surrounding area, it's helpful to put your trust in an experienced and professional real estate agent like Graf Immobilien. We would love to support you in every step of your renting.

Multiple advantages from renting with Graf Immobilien:

  • decades of experience as mediator for rental property
  • a personal and professional person of contact
  • we are taking care of every task and acquire all important documents
  • we are checking all prospective tenants
  • execution of showings
  • legal compliance in all contracts
  • guarantie for all lettings

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Services for renting

Setting the rental rate, creating an exposé, arranging appointments, checking creditworthiness - there's a lot to do when it comes to renting out a property

Rental with Graf Immobilien

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Appartments and houses that are for rent are really desired in Munich and the surrounding area. That is why the rental prices have increased for the past years – thus, letting your real estate is a great opportunity for your retirement plan.

Besides all the advantages of renting out your property, it is linked to a lot of effort. From choosing the right tenant out of hundreds of requests, showings to lease contracts and answering tenant requests, there is a lot to keep in mind when letting your real estate.


We are happy to take care about all of these tasks for you:

The tenancy was cancelled by a tenant mediated by us within one year? We save you any trouble and consider it a matter of course to replace your property free of charge. Our highest maxim is to make you as a customer happy!

You can claim the costs for us as real estate specialists for income from renting and leasing completely as advertising costs. Likewise, you can also consider the commission on rental income generated by a commercial enterprise as business expenses. The lower burden increases your return!

Our task is to select the perfect tenant from possibly hundreds of enquiries. To achieve this, we meticulously check the creditworthiness of your potential tenants and present you with a pre-selection of the most suitable prospective tenants.

We are always guided by the wishes of our customers and do not shy away from visits outside normal business hours or on weekends. If required, we are also happy to arrange individual appointments with your potential tenants. Reliable determination of the market rent Added value for your property As an established Munich brokerage firm, we have a wealth of experience in the field of letting and, with the help of state-of-the-art analysis tools, we can always offer you the maximum market price for your property. Of course, we also evaluate your property in accordance with the legal provisions of the rent brake.

As an established Munich real estate agency, we have a high level of experience in the field of rentals and can always help you achieve the maximum market price for your property with the help of state-of-the-art analysis tools. Of course, we also evaluate your property according to the legal provisions of the rent brake. 

As a certified IVD brokerage firm, we draft legally secure individual contracts for our clients that stand up to any scrutiny. The handover of the apartment is also conscientiously documented by us and recorded in a protocol.

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What our clients appreciate the most about working with us, is our expertise, promptness and helpfulness. As our clients, you will benefit from our professionalism, the broad support we offer and our commitment.

If you would like to benefit from our longstanding expertise and rental talent make your gratuitous and non-committally appointment with Graf Immobilien.

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